Voltcarbon Technologies focuses onCarbon sciences and battery technology

"...continue to expand into new end use product offerings involving carbon and battery engineering which will be unique to Canada."

William (Bill) Pfaffenberger
Chief Executive Officer

Solid UltrabatterySolid-state batteries

Solid Ultrabattery's mission is to develop a solid electrolyte battery that far exceeds the performance of today's leading battery technologies.

Proprietary air classification systemsAir Classifier

Volt Carbon Technologies is developing new and proprietary air classification systems for separating large-flake graphite

Solid Ultrabattery

Learn more about our subsidiary focusing on development of solid electrolyte batteries.

Research and Development Equipment

Read about Volt Carbon Technologies R&D equipment.

Air Classifier

Volt Carbon Technologies is developing new and proprietary air classification systems separating large-flake graphite.

Investor Presentation, September 2022

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Raw material plus technology equals a competitive advantage

CEO's Message

Under the leadership of myself, V-Bond Lee and Dr. Zhongwei Chen, Volt Carbon Technologies continues to transition into an industry leading carbon sciences and battery technology company. In addition to our current interest in mining, Volt will continue to develop new end use product offerings that includes expertise in mineral separation from the mine sites, downstream mineral processing to the fabrication of novel batteries. This unique arrangement accelerates the development of critical minerals which is in line with the North American objective to develop critical resources...

William (Bill) Pfaffenberger
Chief Executive Officer

Research and Development Equipment

The R&D equipment is designed to prepare commercial samples and production runs of any raw materials that use floatation in the milling procedure. The main reason for the equipment is the upgrading to high tech applications as example lithium-ion battery anodes, solar panel cells, etc.


Volt Carbon Technologies is led by an experienced management team with a portfolio of advanced exploration projects.
Chief Executive Officer and PresidentWilliam Pfaffenberger

William is a retired Professor of Mathematics at the University of Victoria (served for 38 years).

Chief Technology OfficerV-Bond Lee

V-Bond is a Professional Engineer with 30+ years of leading edge product development and engineering management.

Interim Chief Financial OfficerDr. David W Madill, M.D

Dr. Madill 30 years experience in the mining industry, particularly in its financing and development.

The Dales Report Podcast

Volt’s Solid Ultrabattery Lithium Ion Battery Technology

"How can one tiny piece of IP save you a lot of gas money? You’ll find out on this episode of The Dales Report, and how a company called Volt Carbon Technologies is vertically integrating, making a lithium-ion battery right in Canada, where they hope to source the materials." - The Dales Report

The Dales Report Podcast

Volt Carbon Technology’s Air Classification Process has a big role in the supply of battery grade anodes - explained by V-Bond Lee

"Lee says there has never been such a high demand for battery materials as now. We’re pleased to welcome him back to The Dales Report. Listen to the podcast to learn about why Volt Carbon Technologies might be an option for investors to consider." - The Dales Report

Volt Carbon files Patent for company’s Air Classifier Design

"Volt Carbon Technologies CEO Bill Pfaffenberger joined Steve Darling from Proactive to share news about the company that operates with 3 verticals including Novel Graphite Purification Process, Solid-State Lithium Battery development and Mineral properties including graphite, copper, and molybdenum." - Proactive

Volt Carbon Technologies Subsidiary

Solid Ultrabattery Inc

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