Board of Directors
Chief Executive Officer, President, and Director

V-Bond Lee

As a Professional Engineer with over three decades of experience, V-Bond has been deeply involved in the forefront of product development and engineering management. He has achieved successful outcomes in conceiving and bringing to market new innovations and technologies for a range of companies. Notably, he has held pivotal roles at companies like BionX International (serving as VP of Engineering & CTO), Sumitomo Precision Products (as Director of Engineering), United Technologies Aerospace Systems (as Project Head of Business Aircraft), General Electric (as Director of Engineering), and Magna International (as Engineering Manager).

V-Bond’s impactful contributions extend to a diverse array of product launches. These include processes and components within Aerospace structures and actuation, automotive electrical systems, and Infrastructure components such as power plants, drinking/waste water systems, and light electric vehicle traction drives. Over the course of his career, V-Bond has successfully patented inventions in both the automotive and aerospace domains.

V-Bond’s passion continues to be in visionary leadership, transformative achievements, and an unwavering dedication to propelling engineering innovation to new heights.

Robert Martin

Mr Martin is a commercial businessman with over 25 years of experience across a broad range of sectors including mining, manufacturing, mining services and capital markets. He specialises in business growth, operational turn around, manufacturing, supply chain management and logistics. Mr Martin has created and operated several successful mining services and property development businesses in Australia and overseas.

Zhongwei (Wei) Chen

Zhongwei Chen, PhD, has been a professor in the department of Chemical Engineering at University of Waterloo for over 13 years. His Applied Nanomaterials & Clean Energy lab has pioneered solid electrolyte battery technology for Volt Carbon Technologies Inc.. He is recognized as the world leader in battery and fuel cell technology. He is author of over 380 scientific papers and holder of 30+ U.S./international patents/provisional patents.
Director and Corporate Secretary

Glen Nursey

Glen Nursey is an entrepreneur and investor based in Victoria, British Columbia, with over 30 years of experience. Currently, he serves on the Board of Directors at Volt Carbon Technologies, contributing his energy to the forefront of carbon based technologies.