ProjectsSolid UltraBattery

In May 2021 the company acquired lithium ion battery company Solid UltraBattery. The company was initially started by Dr. Zhongwei Chen, Canada Research Chair and Professor from the University of Waterloo who spent many years developing this new technology towards commercialization.

Since the acquisition, VCT has gone forward to build and commission a new greenfield battery research center in Guelph, Ontario which became operational in December 2021. The new plant will enable Solid Ultrabattery to develop and commercialize its newly acquired solid state battery intellectual property. The new facility is currently ramping up builds of solid electrolyte batteries using its patent pending technologies. This facility enables the company to build up core capabilities and expertise to develop this technology with a goal to commercialize its intellectual property. Solid Ultrabattery’s mission is to commercialize a solid state battery design that offers exceptional performance and unparalleled safety.